CameraMicAlert – Privacy Policy

This page is used to inform CameraMicAlert users regarding what each permission does and what (if any) information that is collected.

Permissions and their uses:

Update component usage statistics:

(android.permission.PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS) (Added in v1)

This permission is used to enable usage access to get a list of all running process on android when the camera or mic is in use.

Run at startup:

(android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED) (Added in v1)

This permission is used to make Android start the CameraMicAlert service if the mode switch located in the main activity is set to the on position before the phone was powered off

Microphone permission:

(android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO) (Added in v4)

This permission is used to allow the Microphone detection feature of the app work. It does this by trying to activate the mic and if unsuccessful it will send a notification that another app is using it. If it does gain mic access it will stop immediately and doesn’t store any recording on device.

Removed Permissions

Receive data from Internet,

view network connections,

full network access:

(android.permission.INTERNET) (Added in v1 Removed in v6)

These permission allows the CameraMicAlert App to send and receive data from the internet. This is only used for crash reports and Google play license check.

Google Play license check:

( (Added in v1 Removed in v6)

This permission is used to check if the app was paid for and downloaded from the play store.

Information Collection and Use

CameraMicAlert Doesn’t collect any user or device data. Nor does it communicate with servers or the internet. All data is stored on device.

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